Representing a roster of incredibly talented directors

Russ Russell was one of the founders of Windmill Lane which is most famous for being the home of U2, and is where they recorded all of the their early albums. Apart from music production, Windmill Lane also made music videos for many international bands including U2, Steve Winwood, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

Russ was Executive Producer on the award winning film Hear My Song (Film 4,1991), Chronopermabulator (1996, Film 4 short) and most recently Siege of Jadotville (Netflix, 2016) starring Jamie Dornan and Jason O’Meara.

During his time as a commercials producer, Russ has produced hundreds of commercials with some of Ireland’s most talented directors including John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Die Hard 5), Damien O’Donnell (East is East), Syd Macartney ( A Love Divided) , and Joanna Bailey.


In 1993, Anne-Marie Curran joined Russ in his commercials company and has worked her way up the ranks to become on of Ireland's leading commercials producers.  Anne-Marie has worked on hundreds of award winning commercials with some of Ireland’s top directors including John Moore, Damien O’Donnell, Stevie Russell, and Joanna Bailey. 

Anne-Marie has extensive experience on working on a variety of budget levels. As a Producer and Production Manager Anne-Marie has been responsible for managing many largescale budgets. No matter what the project entails Anne-Marie has always brought productions in on time, on brief, and on budget.

Anne-Marie has serviced commercial productions in Ireland for many international commercial production companies including Stink Films (UK), Thomas Thomas Films (UK), HunkyDory Films (UK), Partizan (UK), Phear Creative (NY), B-Reel Films (Sweden), as well as Fox Films International.